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ATI WinFlash 2.7.1

Служебная утилита для работы с BIOS видеокарт AMD (ATI) в ОС Windows

Загрузить ATI WinFlash 2.7.1

С помощью ATIWinflash можно получить информацию о текущем BIOS видеокарты, сохранить BIOS в файл, прошить видеокарту новым BIOS.

Последнее обновление: 07.08.2015
— Fixed not able to read bios with 2 digit extension file name when running -ai
— Added several ROM Chips
— Fixed checksum issue when flashing boards with ISR already existing
— Fixed Pitcarin pro hang issue
— Fixed problem creating package that flashes Cayman dual rom.
— Fixed problem flashing with -pavbpn can not capture the entire 17 digits of the new format bios p/n.
— Added Pitcarine and Verde device ID
— Fix problem when locking/unlocking rom, the system does not display any message.
— Fix error flashing SST25VF512 Rom type.
— Fixed -pak displaying random characters when packing was successful. Added the correct pop up message.
— Fixed -ai does not display all the fields.
— Added -noisr and -nosn flag to erase the existing ISR and SN data.
— Updated for Lombok Asic ID.
— Added feature to preserve ISR data after flashing.
— Added caymandualrom = true/false line option when using pak command to package specific builds of winflash.
— Updated functionality for the newest Cayman boards to sync up with Atiflash.
— fixed bug for barts Bios P/N not showing last 2 digits due to new bios p/n format.
— add Northern Islands support
— fix issue with Hemlock boards
— fix issue wih hangs after returning from S3
— fix -mi flag
— add Redwood/Cedar support
— add lockrom/unlock rom support
— update -mb command to support new location of SSID/SSVID rom straps on Evergreen series ASICs
— add Cypress/Juniper support
— fix bug with hang on 64-bit Operating Systems
— Performance improve on SST rom flash
— Add RV730/710 support
— Fix Windows vista issues
— Remove the progress bar completely with «quiet» option
— Fix «quiet» option, No progress bar will display.
— Fix Save BIOS function to based on the current BIOS size
— Fix «quiet» option, not to display the progress bar
— Fix SSID check in ATIRef file.
— Fix Vista to work on all Motherboards
— Fix hangs with R680 on some systems
— Add Progress Bar while flashing BIOS
— Display Marketing Name when Driver is not installed in the system. It can import the device ID, marketing name information on the external file «atiref.dat»
— The file will include the Asic name, device ID, marketing name and sub system device ID.
— here is the sample of the file entry:
— RV630, 0x9100, ATI Radeon x5000, 0x1234
— It will display the final flash result on the same dialog box if there is more than 1 card, it will only ask user to reboot the system when all flash are done.
— fix pa check parameters
— Add RV770 support
— fixed pak option to have popup error when infile is missing
— add option (excl_memtrain_dtable) to keep memory training information while flashing new bios
— add partial check for -pavbpn
— fixed part number display on screen
— update help menu
— add quite mode for saving Rom & display error message when error during saving/flashing bios.
— add quite mode for flashing ROM
— fixed -padevid -passid -pasvid flags when used with the -pak option
— fixed labelling on second cards to use correct description
— add -quiet flag to eliminate all message boxes while flashing

— fixed errors with reboot prompts when multiple products
— fixed errors when reporting engine and memory clocks

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